Studio 18 now offers Integrative Life Coaching


 I am proud to say that I have actually taken the same exact course which I am now certified in to offer services to you.  As everyone does in life, I had some things holding me back from where I truly wanted to be.  I felt like I was out of balance in my life.  Everything was focused on business and my physical well being.  I was not good at building healthy relationships, nor was I good at connecting with my spirituality.  And quite frankly I don't think I was mentally healthy.  With all of these things combined I went through a lot of changes which made me really aware of how my life choices not only affect me, but those around me.  This program has put me in balance and helps me maintain that balance.  In this program we find balance in your Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual systems so you may finally Manifest your thoughts and desires.  I help people literally daily do this through both life coach and dance.  I am doing it also every day myself.  So I want to offer this to you; as the things I do in my life not only help me but have proven to help others as well. 


Ask about our Dance and Life Coach membership Program!  Change your life in a big way starting today.

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Dance Studio 18 works around your schedule for private dance lessons.  Lessons start as early as 9:00a.m. and the latest at 9:00p.m. 

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We started up our membership again and are looking for 50 people to join before April 2020!  We're looking for you!