Studio 18's Covid Story leading to Dance, Life, Money!

Covid 19 has truly affected us all and it has taken a huge toll on the dance community.  Dancers all around the world you suddenly pulled away from social interactions with others while also seeing their livelihoods threatened like never before.  Studio 18 was no exception.  Right before the pandemic hit Studio 18 was on top of the world.  They had the clients that they wanted to work with and were building a wonderful dance family.  They had many companies they were working with and partnered with.  Dance cruises were made a reality for Studio18 and traveling while dancing was an added service offered at least twice a year.  Right before Covid Studio 18 was scheduled to start teaching in Sardinia Italy as well.  So many positive things were going to happen in 2020.  Then it all came to a screeching halt. 


Studio 18 was stuck in the house doing just a few online courses from March 2020 to June 2020.  In mid June the owner of Studio 18 went to stay in Sardinia Italy while in attempt to get away from everything happening in his home country and to spend time with his girlfriend.  He spent from June to October in Italy and had a chance to rejuvinate himself while trying to find out how to really create a business that is not affected by the new restrictions and laws under Covid.  It was a very hard process because of all the frustrations of seeing a successful business start to lose itself due to unforseen out of control circumstances.


So in efforts to come up with business module that would help sustain not only Studio 18 but others as indivuals as well Studio 18 came up with Dance, Life, Money.  This concept is to help provide income to those involved with learning from Studio18.  It is just getting started but is sure to take off as soon as people really start hearing about it.  It would be amazing if you were one of the first to try this new business and see success from it.  To learn more just view these two videos below.  If you like what you see then give Studio 18 a call at 916-214-2115 for more information.  


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