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West Coast Swing is one of the most smooth and sexy types of Swing dances known to man.  It's cool music with smooth patterns always brings people crawling back for more.  If you would like a free dance consultation simply contact Dance Studio 18.  West Coast Swing honestly is not recommended for beginner Swing dancers.  We recommend starting with East Coast Swing in order to get some basic timing, footwork and understanding of Swing in general.  Visit www.dancestudio18.com  www.dancesac.com  for more details.  



Where to Find Studio 18

2840 Auburn Blvd 
Sac. 95821



Phone: (916)214-2115

Email: info@dancestudio18.com 


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Studio 18 Hours

Dance Studio 18 works around your schedule for private dance lessons.  Lessons start as early as 9:00a.m. and the latest at 9:00p.m. 

Studio 18 News

We started up our membership again and are looking for 50 people to join before April 2020!  We're looking for you!