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Dance Studio 18 Membership! Dance Studio 18 Membership!

Dance Studio 18 offers two levels of membership.  (Membership is optional) The membership is designed to give the student dancer the ultimate and most rewarding dance experience.  A lot of dance schools around the world charge for every single session you take in the studio.  The average cost for group classes in the industry is $10.  By the time you have taken 8 group classes you have paid $80; spent 8 hrs in class and still feel like you're at square one.  The most disturbing thing is that once that $80 is spent, you now have less money to take a private lesson which is the most valuable part to a dancers learning experience. 


We want to ensure that every member receives AT LEAST one private lesson every single month while they are a member with us.  In doing this we can give every single member the personal attention that they need in order to learn to dance with confidence.  We then provide many of the group classes gratis.  It truly is a remarkable program.  Our members are assured that they will be serviced while being in complete control of their learning experience.  They can come in when they want, they can learn at their pace, they can save more money for private lessons; they can relax and have fun knowing that the Studio 18's trademarked system is guarenteed to get them dancing.  Call or text (916)214-2115 to set up a free dance evaluation and see what level of memberhsip is right for you.


If you're a college student and want to dance in the program you're in luck!  We offer our membership to you at a discounted rate to help you stay involved.  Dancers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.  The amount of money you have should not be the determining factor on whether or not you can dance.  For more information on the ballroomcollege program call or text Phone: (916)214-2115.


FULL MEMEBERSHIP IS ONLY OFFERED AT THE 9574 MICRON AVE SAC. 95827 LOCATION.  MEMBERS RECEIVE DISCOUNTED SERVICES AT 2927 FULTON AVE SAC. 95821 LOCATION.  (Call or Text (916)214-2115 to set up a free dance evalutaion.)



Where to Find Studio 18

Dance Studio 18

Private lessons

2927 Fulton Ave 

Sacramento Ca. 95821


Dance Studio 18

Private lessons

2840 Auburn Blvd.

Sacramento 95821


Private Lessons available at 5030 Hillsdale Cr.

El Dorado Hills 95762
Phone: (916)214-2115



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Dance Studio 18 works around your schedule for private dance lessons.  Lessons start as early as 9:00a.m. and the latest at 9:00p.m. 

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