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Welcome to Dance Sacramento Studio 18.  Dance Lessons in Sacramento Ballroom and Latin dancing are fun and easy here.  Learn to dance Salsa, Swing, Tango, Wedding Dances and more.  We're very excited that you came across this website.  This is your chance to learn how to dance and gain the confidence and appeal that you desire.   Learning to dance in Sacramento should be a part of everybodies lifestyle!  It really can change your life.

We here at Studio 18 offer Salsa lessons, Cha Cha lessons, Bachata lessons, Merengue lessons, Rumba lessons, Swing lessons, Tango lessons, Waltz lessons, Foxtrot lessons, Club Dance lessons (call in advance for club dance), and more.  


Now is the time!  Call, text, or email for a free dance lesson. 


Dancing is really is fun and easy.  We understand that this may be your first time taking ballroom dance lessons, or salsa dance lessons.  We understand that it can be frightening for you to even attempt getting on the dance floor.  Dance Studio 18 makes taking dance lessons really fun and easy.  You will gain the confidence that you need, the look and poise that you desire, and the gift of dance that can set you free.  Contact us for a free dance lesson.


 Dance lessons in Sacramento have never been more fun and easy. Enjoy all of the benefits that come from dancing.  Better health, appearance, confidence, coordination, social life and more.  Ballroom dance lessons can really improve your lifestyle.  Here you can take salsa dance lessons, tango dance lessons, cha cha dance lessons, swing dance lessons, rumba dance lessons, waltz dance lessons, wedding dance lessons, and more.  


See our reviews on Yelp.com

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If you searched for Salsa dance lessons then you have come to one of the most professional and talented Salsa dance schools in Sacramento.  Dance Studio 18 guarantees that you can learn how to dance this hot and spicy dance.  Once you learn how to Salsa dance your whole world changes.  And never be shy going out to dance because people in the Salsa community are really open and love to see new people.  Everybody just wants to dance.  


Not only does dance Studio 18 teach Salsa dance lessons in the studio, but they also offer online dance lessons.  This link to a  Salsa dance Lesson Video will give you a perfect start to learning salsa dancing in Sacramento.  It has over 227,000 views and is worth watching if you're knew to dancing and maybe want to learn at home.  Also visit Studio 18's youtube channel with over 770+ subscribers.

Dance Studio 18 has dance courses for everyone, regardless of previous experience or age. Have a look at our courses and feel free to ask our dancers for a recommendation.


Dancing is, by and large, a social activity. With that in mind we host regular events, parties and other occasions to meet and mingle with like-minded dance enthusiasts.

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Where to Find Studio 18

Dance Studio 18 is
Located at 

Mirror Ball Dance Studio

9574 Micron Ave

Sacramento Ca.  95827


Private Lessons also

available at

2927 Fulton Ave 

Sacramento Ca. 95821
Phone: (916)214-2115

Email: info@dancestudio18.com 


Or use our contact form to schedule a free lesson.

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Studio 18 Hours

Dance Studio 18 works around your schedule for private dance lessons.  Lessons start as early as 9:00a.m. and the latest at 9:00p.m. 

Studio 18 News

Mirror Ball Dance Studio location is now Open! 9574 Micron Ave Sac. 95827